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Elcore Distribution Signed a Distribution Agreement with CRYPTTECH!

Elcore Distribution, a specialized distributor of IT solutions, has announced that it entered

into a partnership agreement with CRYPTTECH, a developer of solutions in the field of

Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence in both private and public sectors especially Defense


Having joined the efforts with Elcore Distribution, CRYPTTECH offers clients a full range of

software solutions covering Information Security and Intelligence, Risk Evaluation,

Vulnerability Recognition against Cyber-Attacks and APTs, deriving actionable Security

Regulations, Compliance Solutions and Big Data. Some of its Research and Development

are expected to change market dynamics such as C-SIM – a security information and event

management software solution but very different than other SIEM products. It doesn’t have

correlation rules. It functions fully with AI capabilities and the product learns itself. It reaches

to a mature level the more it is fed with information. Another big hit would be Cyberdroid. It

works with neuromorphic computation with AI features and it is aiming to replace technical

support, test, cyber weapon and many types of engineers onsite.


CRYPTTECH was established in 2006 and has launched its first product in 2008. CRYPTTECH, continues to develop new technologies and solutions in the field of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.CRYPTTECH products and technologies are being used in private and public institutions and organizations in more than 1000 large-scale enterprises and over 3000 SMEs.

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