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Elcore Distribution Signed a Distribution Agreement with TR7 Cyber Security!

Elcore Distribution, a specialized distributor of IT solutions, has announced that it entered

into a partnership agreement with TR7 Cyber Security, a developer of security solutions

designed to protect and optimize the performance of the most critical points in customers'

information technology infrastructures, including email servers, web applications, data

centers, and core networks.

Having joined the efforts with Elcore Distribution, TR7 Cyber Security offers customers the

ability to meet general IT needs effectively and affordably.

TR7 has supported and developed successful technology alliances with many leaders of the

industry, including Government institutions, Private sector, Armed Forces, ISP’s and eCommerce customers.

“As TR7, our goal is to enable end-users with critical infrastructures to have sustainable,

stable, functional, user friendly and performant systems with TR7 LB&WAF technologies by

reducing their TCO” - indicated Ahmet Bulent Guneri, CEO of TR7.

About TR7

As TR7 (ApplicationSecurity Platform-ASP), we set off by eliminating external dependency on load balancing, application distribution and application security, which is one of the areas where EMEA and APAC needs improvement in global cyber security, and to minimize the security gaps that may arise. With the prediction that international wars will take place with cyber elements instead of weapons, our work started in 2008 with producing Load Balancer and Web Application Firewall as TRScaler and today continues with the addition of high performance and innovative features to our current technology with the TR7 brand name.

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